ONICON Engineering Conference & Showcase Recap

ONICON recently hosted our annual Engineering Conference & Showcase, which brought together a diverse group of representatives and professionals from across the country to beautiful downtown St. Petersburg and the ONICON factory. The event, centered around HVAC Flow & Energy Measurement, included a comprehensive day of learning and networking activities to allow our guests to learn and connect.

Our factory served as the venue for a full day of presentations and interactive breakout stations where our guests got an extensive look into our new product development, HVAC technologies, product demonstrations, and a tour of our factory. The stations were designed to provide in-depth knowledge of ONICON’s latest products and innovations, covering crucial aspects such as installation, calibration, and choosing the best product for your applications.

Sharing Real-World Experiences

One of the highlights of the conference was the opportunity for participants to share real-world cases and experiences. Bringing together diverse groups of industry professionals allowed for a rich exchange of ideas and best practices. These discussions provided invaluable insights and practical solutions to common challenges, enhancing the learning experience, and fostering a sense of community among attendees.

Post Event Networking

After a productive day of learning, the conference transitioned into a more relaxed atmosphere with an evening at Tropicana Field to watch the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Baltimore Orioles! The baseball game provided a perfect setting for our guests to kick back after a long day, and was an excellent opportunity for everyone to connect in a fun and exciting environment. Go Rays!

An optional fishing excursion closed out the event where our guests battled it out to see who could catch the biggest fish before heading back home.

Our Engineering Conference is a perfect opportunity to showcase the ONICON Difference and demonstrate how it influences everything we do. The chance to engage with our guests both inside and outside of the office enriches the experience for everyone involved.
— Bill Valentine, General Manager.

A Successful & Memorable Event

The ONICON Engineering Conference & Showcase was a great success, and we are grateful to all who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend and contributed to making this event a success. Don’t miss out! If you are interested in attending the next event, please reach out to your Local Representative and be on the lookout for future conference dates to be announced soon.