Electromagnetic Flow Meters

ONICON electromagnetic flow meters are designed for the most demanding applications. Flow in all kinds of conductive liquids can be accurately measured by utilizing the pulsating magnetic fields. These meters are designed with advanced filtering and signal processing circuitry to maximize performance and reliability.

ONICON is an industry-leading electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer with years of experience providing our customers with comprehensive solutions. Our team is driven by delivering excellent customer service from start to finish and out in the field if you need it. ONICON has a wide selection of quality electromagnetic flow meters that are specifically calibrated to meet your needs and ensure your products can be easily installed and used right out of the box. We stand by the quality of our products and offer a 1-year no-fault warranty and a 3-year manufacturer warranty on all of our electromagnetic flow meters. This ensures you’ll receive durable and reliable products needed to accurately measure your flow applications.

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