Boiler Systems

Two distinct flow measurement opportunities are commonly encountered in boiler systems; the production side which includes the hot water or steam exiting the plant, and the usage side referring to what is being consumed at the point of use.

ONICON offers an array of technologies specifically suited for this challenging application. Some of the considerations that drive the technology selection include installation requirements, accuracy requirements and maintenance implications.

Hot Water Output:

ONICON's insertion turbine and insertion electromagnetic flow meters are easy to install in new or existing systems, provide accurate measurements over a wide turndown, and deliver years of trouble-free service in closed loop hydronic systems. For installations requiring the highest degree of accuracy, such as cost allocation, performance contracting or sub-metering, an inline electromagnetic meter may be the best solution.

Where dedicated thermal energy (Btu) measurement is required, as in the case of a distributed hot water system, ONICON offers the System-10 and System-20 BTU Meters. Both are provided with a pair of precision matched temperature sensing devices and a plethora of outputs, including BACnet, MODBUS, digital I/O and analog signals.

The combination of an ONICON flow meter and Btu meter creates a system with the highest level of performance in the industry.

Steam Output:

The F-2600 Inline Vortex Meter is a cost-effective, accurate and reliable meter that directly measures mass flow of steam. The loop powered design simplifies wiring and signal processing. Additionally, each vortex flow meter is factory programmed and ready for use upon delivery.

In applications where system shut-down is not ideal, the F-2700 Insertion Vortex Flow Meter is a valuable option. They are often the best choice for flow measurement in larger diameter pipes where the expected process flow rates are within the operating range of the meter.

If measuring low flows is a challenge, the F-1500 Insertion Turbine Flow Meter for steam offers the advantage of flexibility in selecting the operating range of the meter. It, too, does not require boiler system shutdown for installation.

Depending on the requirements of your boiler application, other ONICON meters may be better suited. Please see the meters below, or feel free to contact ONICON or your local sales representative for further conversations regarding your boiler system.