Condenser Water System

The most important measurement points required to operate a condenser water system at peak performance are the water flow rates and temperatures. ONICON offers the technologies required to accurately and reliably measure this challenging application. The ONICON turbine flow meter is a great choice for measuring water flow rates in closed loop systems. Turbine meters are cost-effective, easy to install, and are accurate to ±1% of rate over a wide turndown. The F-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter has the same accuracy and ease of installation as the turbine meter, but it has the added advantage of the electromagnetic technology, no-moving- parts design. This makes it ideal for open loop condenser water system and applications that are notorious for the amount dirt and debris commonly encountered in these systems. If higher accuracy is needed or installation conditions are less than ideal, an inline electromagnetic flow meter will provide accuracies of ±0.2%, and the shortest straight run requirements of any technology. Chiller efficiency is directly affected by the condenser water system performance and utilizing a dedicated thermal energy (Btu) meter is the best way to guarantee performance. The ONICON System-10 and System-20 are dedicated Btu metering systems provided with a pair of precision matched temperature sensing devices and a plethora of outputs including BACnet, MODBUS, digital I/O and analog signals. The combination of an ONICON flow meter and Btu meter creates a system with the highest level of performance in the industry. Depending on the requirements of your condenser water system, other ONICON meters may be better suited. Please see the meters below, or feel free to contact ONICON or your local sales representative for further conversation.