Building Feed

Due to the diversity found in most steam heated buildings, measuring the amount of steam fed to a building throughout the year can be extremely challenging. In order to measure the full range of steam flow encountered in this application, two different metering technologies may be required.

The F-2600 Inline Vortex Meter is a cost-effective, accurate and reliable meter that directly measures mass flow of steam. The loop powered design simplifies wiring and signal processing. Additionally, each vortex flow meter is factory programmed and ready for use upon delivery.

In applications where system shut-down is not ideal, the F-2700 Insertion Vortex Flow Meter is a valuable option. They are often the best choice for flow measurement in larger diameter pipes where the expected process flow rates are within the operating range of the meter.

If measuring low flows is a challenge, the F-1500 Insertion Turbine Flow Meter for steam offers the advantage of flexibility in selecting the operating range of the meter. It, too, does not require system shut-down for installation.