Mission Critical

There are several flow and energy measurement opportunities within a mission critical facility, the most common being chilled water. What differentiates measuring chilled water plants in mission critical facilities from those in a residential building or retail tenant space, for example, is the requirement for redundancy and the highest available accuracy. ONICON offers the F-3000 series of electromagnetic flow meters to satisfy these requirements.

Where dedicated thermal energy (Btu) measurement is required, ONICON offers the System-10 and System-20 BTU Meters. Both are provided with a pair of precision matched temperature sensing devices and a plethora of outputs, including BACnet, MODBUS, digital I/O and analog signals.

The combination of an ONICON flow meter and Btu meter creates a system with the highest level of accuracy and performance in the industry.

Depending on the requirements of your mission critical facility, other ONICON meters may be better suited. Please see the meters below, or feel free to contact ONICON or your local sales representative for further conversation.