About Us

Our Mission

ONICON designs, manufactures, and sells highly reliable, functionally innovative, quality engineered flow and energy measurement instruments and solutions for HVAC industry customers who require and value, highly accurate and reliable instruments supported by market leading service.

ONICON Incorporated has been delivering market leading flow and energy measurement products since 1987. For over 30 years we have been delivering quality engineered flow and energy measurement instruments for hydronic heating and cooling systems.

Our broad range of product solutions are wet-calibrated, fully programmed for your application, and ready to use right out of the box. This attention to detail simplifies installation and maximizes performance. Our flow meter technologies include: electromagnetic, turbine, ultrasonic, thermal, and vortex. We also offer BTU (energy) meters that integrate flow inputs from the technology of your choice.

We maintain extensive sales coverage by highly trained and knowledgeable application engineers and industry focused manufacturers representatives who understand the HVAC customer’s unique requirements and needs. Most importantly, ONICON is a service-oriented organization with an unsurpassed commitment to customer satisfaction.

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