System-20 BTU Meter

The new System-20 BTU Measurement System provides highly accurate and reliable thermal energy measurement in heating and cooling systems.

System-10 BTU Meter

The System-10 BTU Meter is a highly accurate microprocessor-based instrument designed to provide full energy, flow and temperature data both at the front panel LCD and over an optional serial network interface.

DB-1201 Flow Display

DB-1201 displays are designed to convert a single ONICON bidirectional insertion turbine or insertion electromagnetic flow meter into complete flow monitoring station.

D-1200 Series Multi-flow Meter Display

D-1200 Multi displays are modular multi flow meter display centers the combine multiple ONICON insertion and inline flow meters into one complete flow monitoring station.

D-1201 Flow Display

D-1201 displays are designed to convert a single ONICON insertion or inline flow meter into a complete flow monitoring station. The steel, wall mounted module displays the current flow rate and/or total.