System-1000 Flow & Energy Measurement System

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ONICON's System-1000 Flow and Energy Measurement System is the advanced multi-channel interface for accurately measuring and reporting thermal energy usage, flow, temperatures, efficiency, and other engineering parameters required by today's High-Performance Buildings.

The System-1000 provides highly accurate thermal energy measurement in chilled water, heating hot water, condenser water, and domestic water systems. Energy measurement is based on signal inputs from matched precision temperature sensors and any of ONICON’s inline, insertion, or clamp-on style flow meters. Additionally, the System-1000 can accept input from non-ONICON flow meters (4-20mA & pulse).

The System-1000 can perform up to two thermal energy calculations simultaneously, and it allows for the addition or subtraction of two flow rates to solve challenging flow measurement locations. The System-1000 utilizes calculated thermal energy data and uses electrical energy data via analog input to calculate the real-time coefficient of performance (COP) for a CHW system. The flexible design provides energy, flow, temperature, and efficiency data on the local display via BACnet MS/TP or IP, and via analog and pulse outputs.

Designed for networking, the System-1000 provides the user with a single point of communication to all the devices connected to it via BACnet MS/TP or BACnet UDP/IP.

System-1000 Flow & Energy Measurement System Typical Applications

The System-1000 is ideal for measuring two applications simultaneously. Typical applications include a combination of chilled water, heating hot water, or condenser water systems for:
  • Chilled water and heating hot water systems
  • University campus monitoring
  • Domestic water including recirculation lost
  • Total chiller performance and efficiency
  • Central plant monitoring
  • Thermal/ice storage systems
  • Performance contracting energy monitoring
  • Commercial office tenant billing
  • Institutional energy cost allocation
  • Glycol/water or other mixture loops
  • Lake, solar, geothermal, ground sourcing energy monitoring

Total System Integration

The System-1000 works simultaneously with any of ONICON's inline, insertion, or clamp-on style flow meters ensuring the best metering technology can be chosen for all applications and installation.

Multiple Flow Meter Options

The System-1000 may be ordered with up to eight flow meters. Two reserved for energy calculation, two auxiliary inputs for electric, steam, gas or water flow rates, and 4 auxiliary inputs for totalization or alarm contact such as leak detectors.

Multiple Temperature Sensor Options

System-1000 may be ordered with a pair of ONICON's matched precision current based sensors or a pair of platinum RTDs.

Output and Network Communications

Eight pulse outputs are provided for totalization, alarm, and system status and Eight analog outputs are provided for energy, flow, temperature, efficiency, or other calculated variables. Data is reported via BACnet/IP or MS/TP directly to the BAS/BMS through a single network connection.

Wall Space Reduction

The multiple inputs of the System-1000 reduce the number of local displays needed in the room.

Simple Installation and Commissioning

The System-1000 arrives factory programmed and ready to use upon delivery. All process data and programming functions are accessible via front panel display and keypad.

Non-Ideal Installation Solutions

The System-1000 provides a solution for limited straight run installations by utilizing mathematical functions such as the addition or subtraction of flow rates.


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