Cooling Towers

There are several factors to consider when selecting a measurement technology for a cooling tower application. Do you need to measure the condenser water flow, blow down and the make-up water flow? How much piping straight run is available, and can the system be shut down during the installation? ONICON offers the right technology to satisfy all these situations.

The F-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter has no moving parts, is easy to install, and has an accuracy of ±1% of rate over a wide turndown. The no-moving-parts aspect of its design makes it an ideal solution for measuring the less than pristine water quality typically found in cooling tower condenser water flow applications. If it’s not possible to shut down the system for installation, the ONICON F-4300 Clamp-on Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter provides an excellent alternative to the F-3500 in this challenging application.

If higher accuracy is needed, or if adequate straight run is not available, an inline electromagnetic flow meter is a great option.

Additionally, the ONICON F-4600 Wetted Ultrasonic flow meter is an industry leading selection for make-up water applications. It offers high accuracy over a very wide turndown.

Measurement information can be brought directly to your BAS/EMS either via pulse outputs, analog outputs or via a serial communication network by combining a flow meter with an ONICON display module or dedicated Btu metering system.

Depending on the requirements of your cooling tower application, other ONICON meters may be better suited. Please see the meters below, or feel free to contact ONICON or your local sales representative for further conversation.