TASI Measurement


ONICON is proud to be part of TASI Measurement. The TASI Measurement business segment delivers flow measurement instrumentation and controls, using multiple flow measurement technologies, across a broad number of end markets. Also included in this business segment is a complementary wireless mesh data transmission system and an array of dispensing solutions. TASI Measurement has expertise in metering paints & coatings, hydraulic fluids, and chemicals, delivering dispensing systems that streamline manufacturing and production lines, and providing wireless information networks to drive intelligent decision making. TASI Measurement products are designed, manufactured, customized and serviced through technical centers in the USA and Europe. The Measurement Businesses provide sales & service operations in every world region. TASI Measurement has extensive distribution channels throughout the globe, focused on specific markets, processes & applications.

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Explore all the brands in TASI Measurement below:

Air Monitor

Air Monitor has been delivering airflow measurement solutions since 1967 – 50 years! We are the premier solutions provider for the Commercial HVAC, Industrial Process, and Power Generation markets. We are the only dedicated airflow solutions provider with expertise in differential pressure and thermal dispersion measurement technologies.

AW-Lake Company

AW-Lake Company manufactures inline, positive displacement, mass Coriolis, variable area and turbine flow meters with an impressive array of electronic output and control options including; electronic sensors, inline optical sensors, flow switches/alarms and transmitters. The company’s flow monitoring products can be found in a broad array of market applications in the oil & gas, transportation, industrial, process, sanitary and medical / life sciences market segments.

Exact Dispensing Systems

Since 1978, Exact Dispensing Systems have designed and manufactured high quality equipment for the dispensing of single component fluids and plural component reactive resins such as epoxies, urethanes and silicones. Their materials and application expertise helps clients make the best decisions regarding their specific dispensing application. The EXACT staff members always take the time to understand the customer’s process requirements and then develop a valid, sensible, cost-effective dispensing solution to meet those needs.

Fox Thermal

After more than 20 years of manufacturing thermal gas mass flowmeters, Fox Thermal continues to lead the market in innovative, reliable, accurate, and full-featured flow meters. Our exceptional team of mechanical, electronic, and software engineers have helped to shape the thermal mass flow measurement industry.

KEM Küppers Elektromechanik GmbH

With more than 50 years of experience, complemented by innovative and customer-specific product development, KEM Küppers Elektromechanik GmbH is an expert in flow measuring technology and calibration. KEM is an independent, vertically integrated manufacturer that designs and produces standard and customized mechanical or static flow meter solutions.

Litre Meter

Litre Meter has been manufacturing flow meters since 1975 and positive displacement flow meters since 1986. This reservoir of knowledge is used to expertly select the appropriate meter technology and provide effective flow measurement solutions. Main markets are chemical injection and hydraulic applications in the Oil & Gas sector worldwide.


ONICON Incorporated has been delivering market leading flow and energy measurement products since 1987. For more than 30 years we have been exclusively focused on delivering quality engineered flow and energy measurement instruments for hydronic heating and cooling systems. Our broad range of product solutions are wet calibrated, fully programmed for your application, and ready to use right out of the box.

Pulsar Process Measurement

Delivering the Measure of Possibility, Pulsar Measurement is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of flow, level, sludge interface measurement, and pump control instrumentation. Technologies include clamp-on transit time and doppler ultrasonic for flow measurement in full pipes, contacting and non-contacting solutions for area-velocity for flow measurement in partially filled pipes and channels, and continuous level measurement via ultrasonic or frequency modulated continuous wave radar.


Seametrics, an ONICON Measurement Solutions business, is a designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of flow metering and submersible sensor products. Since 1990 we have provided innovative solutions to users in irrigation, fracking, water treatment, groundwater, surface water, and chemical processing applications. Our products have a reputation for durability and accuracy at a competitive price, and are sold through a network of domestic and international distributors.


SignalFire’s unique Open Architecture Wireless Mesh Network permits users to create wireless sensor networks using the sensors and actuators best suited for the job rather than the a wireless option provided by a sensor vendor. SignalFire’s Intrinsically Safe battery powered nodes can power both the attached sensors and the wireless system making the system Truly Wireless.

Vögtlin Instruments GmbH

Vögtlin Instruments GmbH is a Swiss Designer of Gas flow Measurement and Control Instruments. Vögtlin has over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high precision Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, Variable Area Flow Meters and Control Valves. The core competence on Calibration and OEM Solutions together with the Application Expertise throughout its worldwide Sales Partner Network make Vögtlin a strongly respected player in various industrial fields such as Medical, Biotechnology, Surface Treatment, Coating & Hardening and New Energy.