VELTRON III Transmitter

VELTRON III Transmitter

The VELTRON III Pressure & Airflow Transmitter is a multi-functional, dual-channel transmitter specifically designed for HVAC airflow measurement applications. The flexible design can be combined with any differential or static pressure measurement probes, stations, piezo rings, or traverse style fan inlet probes.

The VELTRON III uses an application specific tailored array of precision transducers to provide the best turndown and accuracy needed for today’s high-performance buildings. The unique transducer design eliminates the need for periodic re-zeroing common with traditional differential pressure-based technologies.

Each VELTRON III comes individually calibrated with all settings and outputs preconfigured for the application. Outputs include native BACnet or MODBUS and up to four programmable analog outputs for airflow, temperature, velocity, differential pressure, or absolute ambient pressure.

Typical Applications Include Dual-Channel or Single Channel Systems for:

Building Airflow Measurement:
• Supply Ducted Air Flow
• Return Ducted Air Flow
• Single or Dual Fan Systems
• Summation or Subtraction of Air Flow

Room Pressurization:
• Positive and Negative Space Pressurization
• Fan Discharge Plenum Pressure
• Multiple Room Pressure Average Sensing
• Large Duct Pressure