F-5400 Thermal Mass Flow Meter

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The F-5400 is a blind (no display) version of our thermal mass flow meter that is available as an inline or insertion style meter, and provides both an analog (4-20mA) output for flow rate and a scaled pulse output for totalization.

Highly Accurate

Proprietary digital control sensing circuitry is very stable and yet responsive to changes in flow. This design allows for accurate flow measurement over a very wide operating range (over 1000:1 for the inline version). It also makes the meter ideal for measuring low flow rates. Each meter is individually calibrated and is accurate to within ± 1.0% of reading for standard natural gas applications.

Ideal for Retrofit Installations

The insertion style meter can be hot tapped into existing systems without interrupting gas service.

Low Maintenance

No moving parts and durable construction provide years of trouble-free service.

Simple Installation and Commissioning

Each thermal mass flow meter is factory programmed for the specific application and ready for use upon delivery.


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