ELECTRA-flo/FI Thermal Fan Inlet Airflow Measurement Probe

The ELECTRA-flo/FI Thermal Fan Inlet Airflow Probe utilizes dual point thermal dispersion technology sensors installed in the fan's inlet bell mouth at the throat. Aerodynamic sensor apertures, assisted by the air processing effect of the nozzle-shaped fan inlet, provide accurate measurement for most fan types. Readings are taken at the measurement point, not calculated at the transmitter. This allows for daisy-chaining multiple units together which reduces cabling. Anodized aluminum sensor housings and stainless steel adjustable support struts are both durable and easy to install. ELECTRA-flo sensors are factory calibrated to NIST traceable standards, and each fan inlet assembly comes complete with an ELECTRA-flo transmitter for local data display, performing configuration and calibration, and to provide analog outputs of airflow and temperature.