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Turbine Flow Meters

ONICON's high performance turbine rotor and patented nonmagnetic sensing system work together to provide highly accurate flow data over an extremely wide 50:1 turndown.

Four different output types are available for each meter series to meet a broad variety of application. Select the series and output type that is right for your application.

Turbine Flow Meter

Turbine Flow Meter Brochure - A comprehensive overview on all of ONICON's turbine flow measurement technologies.

Turbine Flow Meter Ordering Guide

Turbine Flow Meter Application Guide


How do I choose between a Single vs. Dual Turbine Meter?

Single Turbine vs. Dual Turbine Selection Criteria and Straight Pipe Run Recommendations

Flow Meter Series Description
F-1100 F-1100 Series Insertion Turbine Flow Meters are suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 1 ¼" (1" for copper) to 72". Single turbine meters are ideal for use in applications where the straight pipe run is long enough to produce a fully developed flow profile.
F-1200 F-1200 Series Insertion Dual Turbine Flow Meters are suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 2 ½" to 72". Patented dual turbine meters provide partial compensation for irregular flow direction.
F-1300 F-1300 Series Inline Turbine Flow Meters are available with fittings for pipe sizes of ¾" and 1". Inline flow meters provide an effective low cost option for measuring flow in small pipes.

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