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Flow Meters & BTU Meters Products

ONICON offers a full line of flow measurement and BTU measurement systems for HVAC, municipal and process applications. Every ONICON flow meter is built-to-order and calibrated against internationally recognized standards. This allows ONICON to provide exceptional accuracy and performance while remaining competitively priced against "off-the-shelf" quality products.

F-5500 Thermal Mass Flow Meter

ONICON’s F-5000 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters provide accurate mass flow measurement of natural gas, compressed air and other industrial gases. The proprietary design measures mass flow directly and does not require additional pressure or temperature compensation to deliver accurate flow rate and total data. The F-5500 is available as an inline or an insertion style meter and includes an easy to operate user interface/display. The standard version of the meter is provided with a 4-20mA analog output and an RS485 interface that is field configurable for BACnet MS/TP® or Modbus® RTU. A second output signal configuration is available that includes a 4-20 mA analog output and a programmable pulse output. The pulse output model is also available with HART. For more information

System-40 BTU Measurement SystemWhat's New at ONICON


The new System-40 BTU Measurement System provides highly accurate and reliable thermal energy measurement in heating and cooling systems. Its compact, no-moving-parts design and low cost make it ideal for sub-metering heating and cooling costs in condominiums, retail shops and mixed use facilities. The BACnet MS/TP version includes 3 auxiliary inputs that simplify utility metering in the tenant space. For more information

F-4600 Inline Flow MeterWhat's New at ONICONThe new F-4600 Inline Flow Meter is a compact no-moving-parts design with excellent accuracy and turndown. It is available for pipe sizes ranging from ½” through 2½” in diameter and flow rates from 0.03 to 70 GPM. The low cost F-4600 is available with a 4-20mA output for flow rate and a scaled pulse output for totalizing flow. For more information



Insertion Turbine
Flow Meters

Insertion Turbine Meters

ONICON's high performance turbine rotor and patented nonmagnetic sensing system work together to provide highly accurate flow data over an extremely wide 50:1 turndown. Select the series and output type that is right for your application.

Inline Turbine
Flow Meters

Inline Turbine Flow Meter

ONICON's high performance turbine rotor and patented nonmagnetic sensing system work together as a turbine meter to provide highly accurate flow data over an extremely wide 50:1 turndown. Select the series and output type that is right for your application.

Insertion Electromagnetic
Flow Meters
F-3500 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The ONICON F-3500 Electromagnetic Flow Meter combines the ease-of-use of an insertion style meter with the accuracy and reliability of an electromagnetic flow meter. It is ideal for demanding applications where water quality is not well controlled.

Inline Electromagnetic
Flow Meters

Inline Electromagnetic Flow Meters

ONICON's inline electromagnetic flow meters provide the most accurate measurement of liquids in a variety of applications. The integral or remote converter provides an LCD display of flow rate and total plus 4-20mA and pulse outputs.








Clamp-on Ultrasonic
Flow Meters
F-4300 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

ONICON's Clamp-on Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters are ideal for those applications where it is difficult to install insertion or inline flow meters. It is not necessary to shut down flow or penetrate the pipe in any way when installing this meter. Instead, a matched pair of high precision signal transducers are mounted on and matched to the pipe accurately measuring flow through the pipe wall.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

The F-5000 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters are suitable for use in pipes ranging from sizes ¼" to 24" in diameter. Both inline and insertion versions of the meters are available. The insertion design allows for easy insertion or removal from the pipe without the use of special tools and without disrupting flow. Inline meters are ideal for pipes less than 1½" in diameter.

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex Flow Meters

The F-2000 Series Vortex Flow Meter is designed for accurate, cost effective mass flow measurement of saturated steam. Operating as a loop powered device, each F-2000 is equipped with the internal temperature compensation required for direct mass flow measurement. Each meter is also provided with a 4-20mA analog output and a built-in local display.



BTU Meters
System-10 BTU Meter

ONICON BTU meters utilize precision matched temperature sensors that provide excellent differential accuracy. When combined with highly accurate ONICON flow meters that operate with a very wide turndown, they provide the accurate data required to effectively trend energy demand and allocate cost. Models are available that are capable of single or dual mode operation. Select the models and operating modes that are right for your application.

D-100 Flow Display

ONICON D-100 networkable display modules are designed to provide a local indication for flow rates and totals. A network interface option is also available to communicate flow data via most commonly used network protocols. Optional auxiliary inputs are also available to facilitate additional network connectivity for other analog or pulse signals.

D-1200 Flow Display

ONICON display modules are designed to provide local indication and auxiliary outputs for ONICON flow meters. Standard display modules provide flow rate and total data for one to six flow meters, with a separate display for each meter. Bidirectional displays also display flow rate and total data and include a separate LED indicator for direction.



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