OAM II Outdoor Airflow Measurement System

The new OAM II Outdoor Airflow Measurement System consists of the OAM II Monitor/Transmitter, one or more uni-sensors or OAM II Airflow Stations and a temperature sensor. The system has been designed to measure the actual airflow rate to within ±5% by measuring differential pressure across a fixed inlet resistance device, such as a louver, screen or layer of expanded metal.

The OAM II Monitor/Transmitter has been optimized for most common outdoor airflow applications. It is provided with 3 analog outputs and RS485 BACnet / MODBUS.

Air Monitor’s uni-sensor is made for outdoor airflow measurement. It is unaffected by airborne dust and debris and condensing moisture. The innovative design provides reliable flow measurement without the need for long straight runs and it is largely immune to effects of shifting wind loads and wind gusts.