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D-1400 series Portable Display Modules

D-1400 series Portable Display Modules are battery powered, hand held displays designed to work with specially modified ONICON insertion turbine flow meters. Together, they form a simple to use portable metering system that accurately measures flow without the need for external power sources.

Standard Features:

Simple to Use
It only takes a minute to insert the flow meter into the flow stream and begin taking readings, without disrupting flow. This simplifies periodic flow testing and system troubleshooting.

Works in a Wide Range of Pipe Sizes
The D-1400 reads the frequency output from the flow meter. This output is converted to a flow rate using a simple conversion chart. This allows a single flow meter to be used measure flow in an entire system consisting of many different pipe sizes.

Simplified Hot Tap Insertion Design
Standard on ONICON F-1100 and F-1200 insertion turbine flow meters, the hot tap adapter allows for insertion and removal of the flow meter by hand without system shutdown. Simply attach the hot tap adapter to the valve assembly already installed on the pipe, open the valve and insert the meter.

Typical Applications:

• Flow testing closed loop HVAC chilled, hot and condenser water systems
• Process flow water & water mixtures 
D-1400 Catalog Sheet PDF
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