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The D-100 is a totalizing display module that provides a local indication of liquid, steam or gas flow rate and total data. The flexible design can be configured with an optional network interface to communicate data to a building control network. The versatile D-100 can also function as a network interface for 2 additional analog inputs and one additional totalizing pulse input. Some versions of the D-100 can also be configured with up to 4 optional analog outputs.

Standard Features:

Works With Virtually Any Flow Meter
The standard flow input of the D-100 accepts active or passive 4 – 20 mA, active or passive pulse and contact closure flow signals.

Supports a Wide Variety of Communications Protocols
The D-100 can be provided with any of the following network interface options:
• BACnet/IP
• BACnet MS/TP
• Johnson Controls Metasys N2
• Siemens Apogee P1

Simple Installation and Commissioning
The D-100 is factory programmed and ready for use upon delivery. All programming functions are accessible via front panel display and keypad.

Suitable for Bi-directional Applications
The D-100 accumulates separate totals for flow in each direction. The totals may be read locally on the display or remotely via an optional network interface.

Typical Applications:

• HVAC chilled water, condenser water and hot water
• Building water, steam and gas  
• Domestic water
• Gray water and irrigation water
• Saturated or superheated steam
• Process monitoring
D-100 Manuals  
D-100 Installation Guide PDF
D-100 BACnet Network Interface Installation Guide PDF
D-100 LonWorks Network Interface Installation Guide PDF
D-100 MODBUS Network Interface Installation Guide PDF
D-100 N2 Network Interface Installation Guide PDF
D-100 P1 Network Interface Installation Guide PDF
D-100 Catalog Sheets  
D-100 Catalog Sheet PDF

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